Stairs integrated with the interior are currently one of the basic elements of decor in every detached home. That is why their architecture and finish quality are so important. Wooden stairs are, one of the most used. Although concrete stairs, marble stairs and metal stairs are still often made but wood is the material most often chosen. Wooden stairs can be made as a fully natural construction ,also wood often can be used to finish concrete and metal stairs.
At Larix, we focus primarily on high quality and durability, which is why we choose only durable dried wood with adequate humidity for the production of our wooden stairs. Only such a selected natural raw material will be properly durable and durable, which will translate into years of trouble-free operation of stairs. We especially recommend our clients stairs made of oak and beech wood, which are mark out their extraordinary hardness, durability and resistance to abrasion. Ash stairs are also worth recommending, as they are hardly inferior to oak and beech in terms of hardness, and are also characterized by an interesting coloration and brindle structure.

Consultation with the customer is the key.

The final design of the stairs should meet the expectations of the client, because the basis of our work is constant consultation with the client. The combination of our extensive knowledge and skills with the vision of customers allows you to achieve really impressive results. We invitation you with the full range of our wooden stairs .In the gallery you will find photos from our projects.

Our offer includes stairs made of the following types of wood:


Oak wood stairs
The use of oak wood for the production of stairs is an extremely good choose . As a manufacturer of wooden stairs, we recommend this solution to our customers, but it is often not even necessary. Our clients know perfectly well all the advantages of oak wooden stairs. Properly made oak stairs is a structure 

that will serve us for decades, without making disturbing sounds and maintaining a very attractive design. The basic advantages of oak stairs include:

  • mechanical strength,
  • heavy weight
  • high abrasion resistance.

Oak wood - more beautiful every year

Wooden oak stairs are gaining their supporters because has very attractive color, which additionally darkens over the years. In true oak stairs remain not only visually attractive, but above all solid and safe. The hardness (77 MPa) of oak wood and its high weight give the structure of the stairs stiffness - without experience creaking or sagging steps. Oak wooden stairs are also very resistant to abrasion.
We invitation you to familiarize with our full offer and browse the galleries in which we present our projects .



Wooden beech stairs
One of the most reasonable solutions is beech stairs. It is wood that has a very attractive visual structure, thanks to which it is possible to have very interesting final effect. The most important advantages beech wooden stairs include:

  • high mechanical strength,
  • high hardness
  • easy of processing,
  • can be covered with stains and varnishes without the risk that wood will lose its properties,
  • attractive yellow-red color.

Beech wood - a valued raw material

The beneficial properties are closely related to the properties of the beech wood itself. It is not only very hard (78 MPa), but also due to the lack of visible grains - homogeneous. Thanks to this, the beech stairs after staining or varnishing have a uniform color and look great. An important of beech wood it’s also weight and cohesion - this guarantees the stability of the structure of the stairs, which, when correct makes, does not give way to concrete stairs.

Wooden beech stairs for many years save their unique appearance, but they need proper maintenance. Beech wood - like any other wood - should be taken care of. If we follow the advice of specialists dealing with woodworking, then our beech stairs will functional and effective. We invite you to browse the gallery with our projects.


Ash wood stairs

The most popular solution is wooden ash stairs. It is usually the first choice of our customers for whom decorativeness is particularly important. Ash stairs are characterized by quite a special structure that looks very interesting.  Stairs made of ash wood, like beech and oak, stand out because:

  • high abrasion resistance,
  • good mechanical strength,
  • easy of processing,
  • varnish coating option.

Stunning ash wood

The wooden ash stairs most is the characteristic, irregularly colored, brindle wood. Its decorativeness gives the stairs a unique character that significantly differs from the classic beauty of oak and beech. However, you should remember about proper maintenance of ash wood, which should not be exposed to weather or moisture. Ash stairs also do not tolerate staining, which is why they are usually finished with varnish. Then the best visual effects are achieved.

Due to the fact that the processing of ash wood is quite easy, it is possible to create very decorative stairs. However, the ash wood structure will also work in a more minimalist design. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of wooden stairs.


Birch wood stairs

Birch wood has a specific shade. It is yellow and white, occasionally red and white. A characteristic feature is flexibility and ductility.
There are 7 species of birch in Poland and the most popular is silver birch - most of the wood that goes into industrial production comes from this types. Birch wood very good works with finish in solid colors. Often, in order to have a better visual effect under the cover paint, are used stair elements from this wood (wang , handrails, balusters).


Maple wood stairs

Stairs made of maple wood, is the softness of the wood,  but are chosen because of the beautiful light color. Flexibility and strength as well as an even structure accept coloring preparations well. People deciding on this type of wood are not only the beautiful light brown color, but also rings in a tree. It gives the impression of delicacy and elegance. Maple is hard wood, easy to process and stands out in decorative and without shatter and without abrasion.


Pine wood stairs

Pine is yellowish-white, sometimes also red-white. This wood is not extremely durable. Customers choosing this type of wood must know it is not as good hardness as other types of wood. Advantages pine wood  are: saturation susceptibility, very good thermal or sound insulation and price.