About Us


The Larix carpentry workshop was founded in May 2002. It is a relatively young company, but based on the experience of both management and employees.
At the beginning, the company sold its products and services mainly in Germany. This older market than Polish brought to our company a huge experience that we could transfer to the rapidly growing domestic market. As a result, non-standard doors and wooden stairs have gained a completely new, better quality. Our specialty, i.e. oak, ash and beech stairs, has become our showcase, appreciated by many customers.
In our company's offer today you will find: external doors, wooden stairs, windows, garage doors.

From the very beginning, the company set goals that set it apart from many such facilities. These are:

Delivery on time

The date agreed with the client is always important.We understand that the client is in progress renovation or construction is addicted to many subcontractors and transfer work is affecting others, including client ...


To every customer we approach individual We understand that the client is in progress individually. Material, color,workmanship, dimensions - we do not have standards, everything is subordinate to the client.


We wanted from the beginning offer products unique and very high quality but not at the high price. Through increasing sales and reduction of labor costs through investments in modern machine we were able to offer product from the  higher shelf for affordable price.


Trying the most to relieve the customer, we offer him: measuring and consulting on site, visualizations, technical drawings, transport, assembly.

Due to growing requirements and diverse needs, we are developing both in the field of product and and services, for which we would like to thank you.

Building a strong and reliable company has allowed us to focus on making our products on the highest quality.