The most important for us is always the interior of our apartment or house, but no less important is how our four walls look outside. Exterior doors also decide what the facade of our house looks like. Wooden single-wings and double-wings solutions are currently the most used standard, but this group of doors includes many different products. The Larix company offers to the customers wooden external doors with a profile of 68 x 78 mm, made of three-layer glued wood. 
The wide range includes external doors with:

  • Pinewood,
  • Oak wood,
  • meranti, tropical wood,
  • PVC,
  • steel,
  • aluminum.

High quality is our standard.
Aesthetic appearance is of course very important and it is not surprising that this is the first criterion that our clients follow. External doors should protect us from cold and rain, as well as from uninvited guests. We should be able to decide who will have access to our four corner. That is why Larix places  puts a lot of pressure on safety, sound insulation and thermal insulation, checking all wooden exterior doors. In our standard you will find:

Our projects will confirm your belief that there is no door that we will not make. Together with our colleagues we will develop a project and carry out according to your wishes.
By choosing one of our solutions, you can be sure that wooden exterior doors will not generate costly heat losses, and all household members will be safe and not exposed to outside noise. We realize customer visions.
The basis is a contract between the seller and the customer, which is why our offer was created so that everyone can customize individual elements of external doors. There is a possibility of any combination of muntins, panels, glass, slats and of course colors, which gives a lot of available models