In the interest of complex service for our customers in the subject of functional building partitions, we would like to present you with an offer of sale garage doors.
Garage door should be fulfill aesthetic functions and be compatible with the other elements of the house's body in the architectural sense. It should also meet the requirements of thermal protection of buildings as an external building barrier.
Today, traditional double-wings gates replace up-and-over and sectional gates.
Up-and-over gates are gates whose main element is a wing, moving on special rollers along the guides inside the garage. It should be remembered that the gate wing go out of the outline of the garage.
Sectional doors are made of panels filled with polyurethane foam, which provides thermal and acoustic insulation of the door. When opening or closing the gate, the panels move along the guides located under the ceiling. The panels bend so that the gate does not take up space in the driveway.