Roller blinds and facade blinds, aesthetic and ergonomic closing of the window space.

The blind and shutter are indirect function of protecting the window against dependent values, extending its service life. The roller blind in its own way fully contains anti-burglary functions, protects against strong winds, protects the room against overheating in summer. Blinds are also covered by the acoustic service of the room.
Kind of roller blinds due to the drive: manually (using a belt or rope) or electric(remote or button)
Roller blinds are :

        - surface mounted, facade
        - flush mounted, window,  window
        - adjustable  - in built-in PVC boxes

A large range of colors as well as a wide range of sizes offers the possibility of choosing the most optimal variant for your home. During the meeting with our employee on the construction places site , we can advise and choose the best option.
All of our roles are available compared to standards and include a CE certificate of compliance.